The Truth About Lincoln's Springfield Cottage
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Opposition to the Lincoln's Springfield Cottage proposal

Opposition by The Coalition to Protect America's National Parks
The Coalition represents over 2,000 National Park Service retirees and employees

Letter in opposition to S. 1812 sent to the Chairman and Ranking Member,
Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

Letter in opposition to H.R. 3818 sent to Chairman and Ranking Member,
House Committee on Natural Resources

Note: Letters of opposition sent by the Coalition to Protect America’s National Parks to the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources and House Committee on Natural Resources state:

As proposed, the Abraham Lincoln Association, a friends group incorporated to provide financial support to Lincoln sites and research, would acquire a vacant lot near Lincoln Home NHS, then construct and donate a replica of the “cottage” as it may have appeared before it was expanded by the Lincolns multiple times. Please understand that while the Lincolns lived in the home from 1844-1861, the original “cottage” only accounted for two years of that occupancy.

Again, it should be noted that the ALA proposes to spend $400,000 to construct a reproduction of the house that the Lincolns lived in for only two years!

Say thanks but no thanks to Lincoln cottage plan
(Commentary by Norman Hellmers in the Springfield State Journal-Register)

Why we don't need another replica historic place
(Opinion by Mike Jackson in the Illinois Times)

Note: Remember, the Lincoln family lived in the replica cottage that the Abraham Lincoln Association (ALA)  proposes to construct for only two years! They want it included in Lincoln Home National Historic Site. If you are opposed to the federal legislation that would do this, send a message to Sen. Dick Durbin saying that you are opposed to S.1812.

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